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The purpose of thorough interview preparation is to give you the best opportunity to receive a job offer. Following are some important tips to make sure you take with you to your interview.  For a more detailed list of tips check out the Ultimate Candidate Job Seekers Guide on the Candidate Tab.

10 quick tips for interview success:

In addition to the other advice found in the Ultimate Job Seeker’s Guide offered by Medical Society Staffing, we want to provide you with a few more quick tips that might help you to succeed. After all, the more you prepare for your interview, the more likely it is that you will land the job!

  • Be a good listener — demonstrate a genuine interest in what the interviewer has to say. Try not to interrupt by interjecting a comment while someone else is speaking (even if you’re afraid you might forget the point you want to make).
  • Focus on the positive — when discussing your work history, talk about the things that have inspired you and that you have truly enjoyed. A candidate with a positive outlook is more likely to be considered than one who makes self-deprecating comments.
  • Turn off your cell phone — or put it on vibrate as you don’t want your phone to ring, beep or burst into song during your interview!
  • Ask questions — show your interest by asking intelligent questions about the position and the company. After all, this is your best opportunity to learn about the job in question.
  • Don’t smoke before your interview — if you’re a smoker, try to refrain from smoking beforehand—breath mints can’t disguise the scent of cigarette smoke on clothing.   Also be careful of fragrances such as perfume and or heavy smelling soaps.  There are some medical facilities that are fragrant free.
  • Don’t say negative things about  previous employers — resist the temptation to trash your former boss. Complaining can cast a negative shadow on your entire interview!
  • Don’t chew gum — opt for breath mints so that you don’t forget to spit out your gum before the interview begins.
  • Rehearse with a friend—practicing your interview skills beforehand will help you to feel more confident!
  • Sit up straight — pay attention to your body language, and try not to slouch!
  • Take your time — your interview is not a race. Many people speak quickly during an interview because they are nervous. Try to relax and to speak the way you normally would!

Other Points to Keep in Mind

  • Most employers make hiring decisions  based on chemistry (50%) and technical skills (50%).

  • Do not complain about your current or past employers.

  • Keep a nice dialogue going; do not talk too much but make sure you answer the questions.

  • Sell the employer on the requisite skills that you possess; what you bring to the table.

  • Maintain a positive attitude at all times.

  • Always give it your best effort. A lot of employers have multiple openings and you may be considered for another position if you leave a positive impression.

  • Send a thank you card or e-mail (check grammar and spelling carefully).

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