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Medical Society Staffing offers professional services throughout the Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas and Clark county areas.  When you seek an employee for your position, a recruiter with Medical Society Staffing will search a pool of candidates for the right and perfect match based on your criteria.  
  • Personalized Search
    Gathering all the details of the position include skills, experience, license or credential, and personality match that fits your environment. 

  • Recruiting
    We advertise in a variety of venues at no expense to you.  We are able to fill confidential positions using our years of community based resources.  

  • Candidate Pool
    Using a database of candidates, we review each one based on your position requirements.  You only receive resumes on candidates that match your requests.  

  • Pre-screening Process
    We conduct personal interviews on all candidates. We check references; credentials and licenses

Our Process

At Medical Society Staffing our extensive pre-screening process includes:

  • Employee skills assessment

  • Verification of work history

  • References

  • Verification of credentials/licenses

  • Skills assessment based on position

  • Criminal background checks

  • Drug screen (optional)

For temporary staffing, we orient individuals to HIPAA and blood- borne pathogen protocols; provide the opportunity for Hepatitis B vaccination; monitor candidate performance and remediate personnel issues.

Let Us Help You Today

Contact us today or call 503-227-2737 to talk to one of our recruitment specialists or start the process by Listing a Position.

1221 SW Yamhill Street, Suite 410, Portland, OR  97205
Phone: (503) 227-2737  |  Fax: (503) 222-3164

Email: paula@msmp.org

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